STOPEUTANASIA is a civil platform set up for the collection of ONE MILLION SIGNATURES that supports THE VALUE OF LIFE in Spain and Europe. Recently, 280,000 signatures have been collected IN FAVOR OF THIS LAW and, as the Spanish proverb says, QUIEN CALLA, OTORGA. Are we going to let this law go ahead without our politicians knowing that there is a majority clamor that does not want people killed in Spain for health care? Are we going to remain silent again as on other occasions? THIS IS THE MOMENT OF ACTING, AND YOUR SIGNATURE IS IMPORTANT.
We want to launch the largest European project IN FAVOR OF NATURAL DEATH, A WORTHY DEATH, with the best palliative care that accompany the person at the end of their days, without therapeutic harrassment or artificial support without return

We do not want death to become a business in Spain, as it already happens in the countries of the north of the European Union. We do not want the elderly to be afraid of getting sick, going to a hospital, and not going out again. We do not want anyone to die alone, with pain, suffering, without the social and health support that a worthy death deserves.
REMEMBER: Slavery, segregation by race, inferiority of women … are situations that at a given moment in history have been legal, and laws not only allowed but justified these behaviors.
That an act be legal does not mean that it is legitimate, and for that, it is our responsibility to do everything possible to prevent it. For evil to triumph, it is only necessary that good people do nothing.
We are millions of people in Spain and Europe do not want to be trafficked with the lives and suffering of people, so if you agree and, above all, help us spread this project among your family, friends and contacts to to arrive as soon as possible as many people as possible and we can arrange the delivery of at least 500,000 signatures in the Congress of Deputies of Spain to stop the processing of the Act that is currently underway.